Blk 682 Race Course Rd #01-323 Singapore 210682 ( Off Tessensohn Rd ) Tel: (65) 63963120

U-Bowling FunBowl


Operating Hour : 8 July (Sun ) (3.00 pm to 6.00 pm) 

Intense Fire

Code X

Hyper Cell Fused

RipD Pearl


Primal Rage LE

Trident Quest

RipD Solid


Jackal Rising


Hy Road Nano

Sure Lock

Dare Devil Danger

King Pin Max

Pitch Black


Venom Shock Pearl

Match Up Hybrid


Forza SS

Hy Road



Hot Cell

Octane Carbon

Vintage Inferno

Forza Redline

No Rule Exit

Fanati BTU

Rampage Tank

Combat Tank

Quantum Classic Blk

Nation Clear

Own It Clear

Match Up Pearl

Vibe Blk Pearl

Marvel Pearl

Vibe Blue

Vibe Cherry

Match Up Blk Pearl

New Arrival (Balls)
Storm Intense Fire
Storm Match Up Blk Pearl
Motive Primal Rage LE
Motiv Hydra
Hammer Vibe Blk Pearl
Motiv Villain
Storm Code X
Brunswick King Pin Max
Motiv Venom Pearl
Storm Nation Clear
Roto Grips Own It Clear
Hammer RipD Pearl
Hammer RipD Solid
Storm Drive
Roto Grips Hyper Cell Fused
Motiv Jackal Rising
Motiv Combat Tank
Storm Soniq
Motiv Lethal Paranoia
Hammer Blk Wodow Urethane
Storm Hy Road Nano
Storm Intense
Motiv Trident Quest
Storm Match Up Hybrid
Roto Grips No Rule Exit
Roto Grips Hot Cell
Brunswick Quantum Classic Black
Motiv Rampage Tank
Hammer Vibe Cherry/ Blue
Match Up Pearl
Match Up Solid
Motiv Octane Carbon
Storm Sure Lock
Storm Timeless
Roto Grips Dare Devil
Brunswick Fanatic BTU
Storm Match/ Match Pearl
Storm Mix Urethane
Motiv Forza Redline
Storm Pitch Black

New Arrival (Shoes)
Dexter The 9 HT
Dexter SST 8 Pro Men
Dexter SST 8 Pro Lady
Storm SP2 901
Storm SP2 601 (Lady)
Dexter SST 6 LZ 
Storm Taren
Storm Blizzard
Dexter Jenna (Lady)
KR Raptor
KR Knight
ABS S 380

New Arrival (Bags)
Team Columbia 2/3/4 Ball Roller
Ebonite Equinox 2/3/4 Ball Roller
Ebonite Transport I/II  Roller
Hammer Premium 2/3/4 Ball Roller
Hammer Signature 2/3 Ball Roller
Motiv Vault 2/3 Ball Roller
Icon 2/3 Ball Roller
Apex 2/3 Ball Roller
KR LR 2/3 Ball Roller
Roto Grip 2 Ball Roller
Storm Streamline 2 Ball Roller
Storm Thunder 2/3/4 Ball Roller
Team Brunswick 2/3 Ball Roller
Brunswick Crown 2/3 Ball Roller
Brunswick Razor 3 Ball Roller
Elite Platinum 2 Ball Roller
Elite Basic 2 Ball Roller
Elite SE Triple Tote
Roto Grips 3-Ball Tote Bag
Storm Tournment 3-ball Tote with Shoe Bag
Motiv Ballistix Triple Tote With Shoe Bag
Hammer 3-ball Tote

Vise 3-ball Roller Tote with pouch
Vise 2-ball Roller Tote with Pouch

Offer Set

Polyester Package (S$160) (With Drilling)
 - Maxim/ T Zone/ White Dot

 - Leyon Basic Shoe
 -KR Single ball bag

Reactive Package ( S$270 - $280) (with Drilling & Inserts)

 - Tropical Storm/ Rhino / Strike King/ Freeze/ Cyclone/ Nitrous
 -Leyon Basic Shoe
 -KR Single ball bag

Reactive Package ( S$290 - $320) (With Drilling & Inserts)
-Hammer Vibe (Cherry/Blue), Storm Match Up/Match Up Pearl or Roto Grips Wreck-EM
Leyon/ABS S285 Shoe
 -KR Single ball bag

Special Offer (Wild Stock Last)
- Brunswick Vintage Inferno ( S$210 )
- Motiv Trident Quest (S$260)
- Brunswick Quantum Classic (S$270)(15 Lbs only)
Brunswick Magnitude 3.5 (S$250) (15 lbs only)
- Motiv Forza Redline (S$190) (15 lbs only)
Brunswick Fanatic BTU (S$200)

Abralon (180,360,500,1000,2000,3000,4000) Grit

New Arrival (ACT Products)

Vise Bio Skin
ACT Tape CTP N06 - 25/50
ACT Tape CTP 07 - 25/35/50
ACT Tape CTP 14
ACT CTP 54 - 25
ACT Gloves

New Products

Wave Bio Wrist
Mueller Tape
Storm GT Tape
RevCon/ RevX Plus
Storm Gizmo/ Gizmo XF Guard
Innovative Revivor Oil Extraction Machine
Turbo Power Grip Tape
Bowling T-shirts (Storm/Hammer/Roto Grips/Motiv/Brunswick etc.)

Turbo Insert Tapes (Colours)
Dexter The 9 Sole & Heel
Storm/ Hammer/ Brunswick Shammy
KT Sport Tapes

Operating Hours:
Tel: 63963120

Sun & Public Holidays
1.30 pm- 9.00 pm
1.30 pm- 6.00 pm